About Popcorn Carnival

Welcome to Popcorn Carnival, the official online retailer of Not Just Popcorn®. We all know there are lots of places to buy gourmet popcorn online, so here are 5 great reasons to buy world famous Not Just Popcorn® here:

  • 25 Years of Experience
    Not Just Popcorn® has a quarter century of gourmet popcorn experience. There are very few popcorn entrepreneurs with more experience, and none that make better popcorn at a better price
  • More Flavors Than Anyone, Anywhere
    Eight flavors may have been a humble beginning, but that was over 350 flavors ago. From traditional butter and caramel corn to Rockin' Reggae and White Chocolate Covered Heavenly Vanilla Butternut, Not Just Popcorn® is approaching 400 flavors and their imagination shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.
  • Worldwide Shipping
    Not Just Popcorn® ships anywhere and everywhere, and has actually shipped to over 100 countries since opening their doors. From the Antilles to New Zealand, thousands of folks have enjoyed popcorn shipped directly to their home and business.
  • Imaginative Mouthwatering Flavors
    One look at the flavors on this site and you'll be kicking yourself for not thinking of some of them yourself. Where does Not Just Popcorn® gets its ideas? We could tell you, but if we did, they'd have to lock you away with the recipes.
  • Every Batch is Handmade
    Not Just Popcorn® believes automation is for sissies. Every batch is made from scratch and every flavor is handmade with TLC as one of the primary ingredients.
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